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PlayStar Spiral Tube Slide

PlayStar Spiral Tube Slide
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PlayStar Spiral Tube Slide

Availability: Out of stock Our Price: $569.99 Retail Price: $799.99

The PlayStar Spiral Tube Slide offers a fun and exciting ride for kids of all ages. Unlike any other playset slide you've seen, this one has a true spiral with a complete 360 degree turn, not just 270 degrees like most other models. Everything you need to assemble the Spiral Tube Slide and the unique 6 foot high Crow's Nest is included. This slide has heavy duty think wall and is built to last, resisting cracking and breaking. Recommended to fit all PlayStar BIY kits, the slide will attach to any platform that is 60 inches high.


  • Complete 360 degree turn
  • Attaches to 60" play deck
  • 6' high crow's nest
  • Will NOT crack, break, or fade

About PlayStar

PlayStar is more than just a company that sells swing sets. They are a company that cares about providing a high-quality product that will not only enhance the physical development of your child but will expand their social skills and help them make long-lasting memories. PlayStar is a U.S. company that is built on passion. Their employees have a strong desire to work hard, offer friendly and professional customer service, and make a difference daily. They value the products they sell and design each play system with heavy duty parts and select grade lumber to give you the best ready-to-assemble wooden swing set that still comes with a reasonable price tag.