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Backyard Discovery Pacific View

Backyard Discovery Pacific View
  • Backyard Discovery Pacific View
  • Rear View
  • Clubhouse
  • Picnic Table
  • Rock Wall
  • Slide
  • Swings
  • Lower Fort
  • Dimensions
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Backyard Discovery Pacific View

Availability: Out of stock Our Price: $1,199.00 Retail Price: $1,849.00

Kids will get a great view of the neighborhood when you have the Backyard Discovery Pacific View in your backyard. This great set is built around a play deck that has both an upper level enclosed clubhouse with an even higher 2nd level sun porch. Below the clubhouse is a semi-enclosed fort that can also be used as a sandbox and an area with a play deck and half picnic table. With the attractive wood roof, this set will bring a unique look to any backyard.

Along with being a great place to build imagination the Pacific View has lots of fun features including a 10 foot Speedy Slide and a rock climbing wall. The swing beam is equipped with two belt swing and a two-person glider so your kids and their friends can all swing at once. The wooden rung ladder adds a method of climbing for the less adventurous and the built-in picnic table is great place for a snack or for parents to sit and watch. Depending on the size of your yard the slide and rock wall positions can easily be swapped.


  • All cedar wood
  • Raised fort with wood roof
  • Detailed assembly manual
  • Pre-drilled, pre-cut and pre-stained lumber
  • Stamped lumber for ease of assembly
  • All structural components, necessary hardware and fasteners

About Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery has been designing and building ready-to-assemble swing sets since 1968. They sell more play sets than most other swing set manufacturers in the country and offer a full line of wooden sets in a variety of sizes and configurations. With family being their main focus, they strive to provide durable, long lasting swing sets that are built for maximum safety. All of the wood and plastic components are put together in a ready to assemble kit, then packaged and shipped directly to you. When you buy a Backyard Discovery play set you're getting a backyard adventure that your family can enjoy for years to come.